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Canadian Coalition for Public Accountability Campaign Site

The Canadian Coalition for Public Accountability/Advocacy Canada campaign site is a free public service designed to make it easy and convenient for all justice minded persons to make a difference in affecting changes to the justice and child protection systems in Canada. The services provided through this site are available to any individual or organization anywhere in the world willing to support justice initiatives in Canada on a provincial or national basis.

Note* Due to requests from persons wishing to help from outside of Canada, reqistration is currently being modified to allow persons from anywhere in the world to participate. Please watch for updates soon.

This free public service site allow readers to conveniently participate in two categories of letter writing campaigns 1) public and 2) private to various recipient groups selectable based on the content of the letter campaign.  For those who may have difficulty in composing letters, volunteers will assist those seeking help with their letters.

Public letter campaigns
Public campaigns allow many individuals to send personalized letters to a specific group of recipients. Currently, recipients include MPP's and MP's in Ottawa.  Public campaigns will have pre-formatted template letters for members of the public to conveniently send to the various selected recipients. Template letters and mailing  lists will be already organized prepared for readers who simply have to fill in  their contact information on the forms and the mailing program will handle the  technical issues of sending the letter out to the applicable recipients. Those  who have difficulty in writing their own letters will find this service very convenient.

If you have a campaign idea which you believe would be of interest to other Canadians  and would like this site to post a public campaign, then contact us by email to arrange this.  Send an email to

Private letter campaigns
Private campaigns allow one individual to send their own personalized letter out to specific recipient groups such as MP’s or MPP’s. If you have a letter or need help in composing a letter that you believe would be of interest  to any group of elected officials anywhere in Canada or to another specific group  then contact us at the email below. A volunteer will contact you and help your voice be heard.  Participants may also create their own recipient lists if they wish to send letters out to other groups such as municipal representatives of their own community or school boards, etc.

Conditions of participation
As this service is designed only to assist the participant to get their personal correspondence out, those who wish to use the services offered by this site must provide  their real names and real contact information and a valid email addresses to appear on their correspondence. All personal information is kept confidential and used only for campaign purposes.  Recipients of your personal communication should have correct contact information of those sending  letters so that they are able to respond to the writer either by regular mail or by email.  Important: Those applying to register on this site and who wish to use the services must provide full and accurate contact information or they will not be able to use the services provided.  Administrators of the site may contact those who register on the site by phone to validate information.  Those who attempt to abuse this service by providing false contact information may have access to the site blocked.

Those who register on the site will be invited from time to time to participate  in new public letter writing campaigns intended to promote justice, accountability and  transparency within the justice and child protection systems. It is hoped that over a long period of time and as the number of  Canadians who participate grow, this site will become a significant tool in the movement to promote positive changes with those issues which are the focus of  this site and its contributors.

Would you like to assist others to write letters so that they can be heard?
The Advocacy Canada site is looking for volunteers who would like to join the team of composers who assist children and parents to compose letters and to help them get them sent to the appropriate persons such as MP's and MPP's, Provincial Advocates and Ombudsmen, etc. to help affect change.  If you would like to help those individuals who are not good at writing their own effective letters then contact us at

Questions or concerns?
If you have questions or concerns then please send us an email at

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